The UTL_MAIL package provides a simple API to allow email to be sent from PL/SQL. In prior versions this was possible using the UTL_SMTP package, but this required knowledge of the SMTP protocol.

The package is loaded by running the following scripts.

CONN sys/password AS SYSDBA

In addition the SMTP_OUT_SERVER parameter must be set to identify the SMTP server.

CONN sys/password AS SYSDBA
ALTER SYSTEM SET smtp_out_server=’smtp.domain.com’ SCOPE=SPFILE;

With the configuration complete we can now send a mail.

UTL_MAIL.send(sender     => ‘me@domain.com’,
recipients => ‘person1@domain.com,person2@domain.com’,
cc         => ‘person3@domain.com’,
bcc        => ‘myboss@domain.com’,
subject    => ‘UTL_MAIL Test’,
message    => ‘If you get this message it worked!’);

The package also supports sending mails with RAW and VARCHAR2 attachments.

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